Showcasing 3D Virtual Laboratory Training, Career Recruitment and Retention Project at OpenSimulator Community Conference 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of 3D immersive virtual worlds has become a necessity in order to continue laboratory training and information-sharing as well as networking. This is one of several reasons for my decision to present a Community Expo Booth showcasing my “Virtual Laboratory Training, Career Recruitment and Retention (VLTC) Project at the OpenSimulator Community Conference 2020 (OSCC2020).

Avatar Sally Cherry as an OSCC2014 Presenter

In November 2014, I with the in-world assistance of my 3D avatar delivered an oral presentation about my vision as a medical laboratory professional... "Real…

🔎 Real History Revealed🔍 “Uncovering of Archaeological Evidence of Slavery and the Jesuits”

During all of the discussions and denials about racial and social injustice in America, a dark part of U.S. history as well as Maryland history is uncovered in Maryland’s St. Mary’s County. The first archaeological evidence of the Africans and African Americans enslaved by the Jesuits, a religious order was revealed at its former plantation at Newtowne in St. Mary’s County. Newtowne was the Maryland colony founded by English Catholics in the 1600s. It is considered to be "the birthplace of Catholic education" in America. …

Wear your Face Covering Correctly

With the daily number of COVID-19 cases and deaths rising in the U.S., it is hoped that more Americans will realize the importance of wearing a cloth face covering in the national public health effort to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Recently, the public health concern has been centered on asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people who may spread the virus to people who are at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. A greater concern… asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people do Not even know that they are infected with the virus. …

Laboratorian Takes Networking Into 3D Immersive Virtual World

Kitely-based avatar, Sally Cherry gathering web-based lab data within BioLibrary

What a nice surprise… The release of a fourth interview video by virtual-based colleague, Selby Evans aka Thinkerer of “Virtual Outworlding” during a visit to my Kitely-based Virtual Laboratory Training, Career Recruitment and Retention (VLTC) Project also known as the Virtual Laboratory Training and Career Center (VLTCC). It is quite exciting to share information about my recently completed BioLibrary located on the second floor of the Biohazard Unit within Ms. BugLady’s BioChamber. The BioLibrary was built to provide a gathering (or meeting) space for networking, information-sharing and coalition building. Here, VLTCC visitors are able to link to laboratory regulations and…

Social Networking Empowers “Six Degree of Separation” Connection

Although many people have issues with social networking platforms, I am absolutely thrilled and appreciative for the advances in social media technology. After using and advocating for social media integration for more than 20 years, very little surprises me but I must share any amazing “six degrees of separation” experience. The existence of a popular social networking platform enabled me to reconnect with a public health colleague and friend living in Ankara, Turkey after a “random” meeting with a laboratory colleague living in Baltimore, Maryland USA.

Baltimore Harbor (Photo: Sally S. Cherry)

While visiting a local medical laboratory in Baltimore City, I was introduced to a…

SL Avatar SarVana Haalan (aka Sally Cherry) presenting at NPC meeting

Life is too short to overlook one’s vision

As I look back on the past weekend, I have a delightful feeling of total exhaustion. Although I am still feeling a bit tired, I truly had an awesome time. It was my second year as a volunteer for Baltimore GiveCamp ( I was still blown away by this weekend-long event where generous software developers, designers, and database administrators donated their time and skills to create custom software for 30 local non-profit organizations. Some of the technical volunteers did not even go to sleep nor home over the weekend. It is understood that any nonprofit-submitted project that was accepted and…

Sally S. Cherry, BS, MT(ASCP)

STI Lab/Social Media Consultant; 3D Immersive Virtual Worlds Evangelist; Amazon Influencer; Network Weaver; Mother. 🍒 @CherryNetwork 🔬 @R2V2RHealth 🌐

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